• Driving Digital Transformation across Service Business
    Enterprise mobility, Collaboration, IOT, Insights and Analytics.
  • Next Generation Connected Field Service Platform
    “Intelligent Service Functions delivering customer delight
  • Paperless Initiatives with Mobile Healthcare Apps
  • Harness the power of Salesforce
    Get the results you need
  • Telecom Field Operations on the go
    Optimized Feasiblity, Quality Audits, EMF surveys

BPA & Mobility

Our homegrown PROTEAN platform based approach helps in automating backend workflows in the server side and also has capability to extend its arm towards mobility side for various in-house and outhouse processes.

Scheduling & Dispatching

We have a dynamic scheduling and dispatching engine that assigns the job on the basis of defined business logics.

System Integrator

Quick integration with existing ERP’s like SAP & ORACLE and CRM systems like ZOHO & Salesforce on the go.

Measure & Analysis

With strong analytics engine on the top, it can generate any kind MIS reports and dashboards for any process and business functions.

Transform Your Business. Today.

A Solitary Innovation to Empower your workforce to carry out operations on field

A solution that can empower the facility manager to create work order, assign the relevant field officer and can get real time updates from the field. A single screen that will enable the work to be fast tracked in no time.

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Our Offerings

Workflow Process Automation

Streamline communication in your organization through BPA. Enforce accountability, minimize costs & manual errors by keeping a tab on all business processes.

IOT based proactive FSM

Transform your enterprise into a streamlined entity & offer a next level customer experience to your customers with predictive analysis through IOT.

Field Sales Management

Boost to and fro communication of your sales rep with back end office, collaterals and have the capability to assign meeting locations and tracking them in real time.

Content & Marketing Management

A CCM facilitates collaboration in the workplace by integrating document management, digital asset management and providing end users the ability to access information from backend office.

First Mile & Last Mile Delivery

Scheduling & dispatching the field guys in no time for matching the TAT for first mile & last mile service operations.

Digital Data Collection

With 150 items already existing on our platform to be customized by user for collecting data from field digitally and uploading in data repository in real time.

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Our vision is to provide Innovative Foundations for all our solutions by an ongoing quest for excellence to reach the zenith. To transform the way services are provided to the customers by advance use of Technology and Focus on professional oriented strategies.







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