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Healthcare as a sector is pacing towards digitization with immense & rapid compatible changes. As a doctor alertness is one aspect to be mastered, with the mobile technology, patient current condition scenarios can be monitored remotely apart from hospital.

With advent of technology advances in the current scenario for healthcare, IOT is booming and sensor based treatment and triggers are there for information capturing plus overcoming the trouble and fulfilling the purpose. The availability of health cloud provides ease to doctors for maintaining and being alert with patients’ condition, for patients to book appointments and get digital reports, for nurses to maintain a digital inventory for inventory maintenance. Security and privacy are massive issues in the sector, and of course, healthcare IT is tightly regulated.

Several healthcare professionals are enthusiastic to develop a mobile application as it will help reach their patients anytime, anywhere and also improves the operating performance of their clinics. Moreover, people are also seeking quick and easy solutions for their health ailments.

Benefits strengthening the foundation for healthcare IT requirements:

  • Scheduling appointments
  • Improved access to physicians
  • Easily accessible medical reports
  • Single repository
  • Facility to record the consultation
  • Proactive response to patients condition
  • Best treatment with optimum care
  • Digital maintenance of records of patient database, inventory checks, doctors’ availability etc.
  • Increase the branding of heathcare firm with hassle free network of services

For managing the homecare givers, their scheduling of appointments, their tracking, updating of inventories, maintenance of stocks & levels of checks required all can be done through mobile apps. By integrating with backend systems there arises a portability of to and fro information flow. Real time flow information and maintenance of records have urge the healthcare to invest in mobile devices and application to cover up the day to day activities.

Lets’ conclude by some facts:

  • 40% doctors believe mobile technology can reduce the number of visits to the clinic.
  • 93% physicians accept that mobile apps can improve patient’s health.
  • 93% doctors find value in having a mobile health app connected to emergency health.
  • Two times as many rural patients can be reached per doctor.
  • More than 25% physicians are using mobile technology to deliver patient care