Field Service Management

Service industry credibility is built on customer satisfaction and relationship building and to maintain that use PROTEAN based FSM application to render services timely and efficiently.

Real time visibility of Field Staff

Real time visibility of Field Staff

Keep a real time visibility of your staff so as to not compromise on brand value.

Auto Scheduling

Auto Scheduling

Auto scheduling to take care of immediate action taking scenarios in providing services.

Shift Planning & Management

Shift Planning & Management

Shifts can be managed in absence of assigned employees based on logics defined in the system.


  • Inefficiency in allocation of jobs to field force on the basis of work task to be accomplished
  • Absence of real time visibility of employees
  • No real time assistance is provided to field force
  • Resource management
Backend Office Manager
  • Assigning jobs to the field force on the basis of proximity, availability, skills etc.
  • Ability to track the employee throughout the service delivery
  • Get on hands reports from the field
  • Dashborad & Analytics view of operation to quantify on ROI
Field Workforce
  • Ability to accept jobs on field through app on their phones
  • optimized route to customer location
  • ability to capture data and update in real time
  • POD's, digital signature can be captured
  • can view summary of entire day

Scheduling & Dispatching

  • Scheduler & dispatcher
  • Auto scheduling - logic based assignation
  • Shift planning & management
  • Time sheet& leave management


  • Job views on map, calendar
  • Travel & expense management
  • Forms on fly
  • Spare parts &Inventory management
  • Offline assistance
  • Tutorial & Videos


  • GIS based tracking
  • Route optimization
  • Real time visibility

Reports & Dashboards

  • MIS reports & dashboard
  • Summary reports
  • Report generation in any format