Fleet Management

Fleet Maintenance Management system powered by PROTEAN is maintenance tracking software that makes quick and easy work of tracking and organizing preventive and repair maintenance information for your fleet.

Complete Fleet operations Management

Complete Fleet operations Management

A complete operation management of fleet on field with ability to get status information of fleet on all the touch points.

Smooth dispatching of vehicles

Smooth dispatching of vehicles

With the PROTEAN enabled scheduling engine in place, a smooth dispatching of vehicles happened with driver getting all the alerts & notifications regarding the job assigned.

Proactive strategy in place

Proactive strategy in place

Proactive ness is defined by VTS system enabled to get the maintenance alerts, speed reports, driver logs in behavior etc.


  • Tracking of remote based vehicle
  • Dispatching of vehicles for assigned task
  • Vehicle maintenance alerts
  • Speed & driver behavior cannot be remotely monitored
  • Complete control on vehicle activities
  • Vehicle efficiency statistics as per the deliveries
For Backend Office User
  • Intelligent rule based dispatching of vehicles for task assigned for deliveries
  • Ability to receive vehicle maintenance alerts/health summary
  • Ability to track the enetire journey of goods to be delivered
  • Complete control over vehicle activity
  • Alerts on over speeding & diversion from dedicted route to monitor performance entire life cycle.
For Fleet Driver
  • Mobile app based alerts on the job assined for deliveries
  • Optimized route with customer information & work order summary
  • Real time backend office assistance
  • Ability to update travel & expenses incurred on the go of deliveries
  • Ability collect required information on teh deliveries from customers and POD's from the field itself and closing for the day

Scheduler & Dispatcher Module

  • Integrated Web-Portal for
    • - Booking
    • - Customer Management
  • Automatic Vehicle Dispatch
  • Intelligent Business Rules for Dispatching
  • Guest Reporting Alerts
  • In-Vehicle Billing and Payments

Fleet Maintenance

  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Insurance, Accident & Claims Management
  • Service Management
  • Fleet Allocation
  • Spare Parts Management

Data Administration

  • Customer Profile, Agreements, Tariff
  • Customer, Vendor & Driver Management
  • Fleet Inventory Management
  • Fleet Allocation
  • Approval Processes Management

Fleet Tracking

  • Real Time Tracking
  • Route Optimization
  • Panic/SOS Button for Passenger and Driver
  • Remote Vehicle Immolization
  • Customized Geo- Fencing

Alerts & Notification

  • Instant SMS Updates to Customers
  • Job Management with SMS Alerts
  • Breakdown Alert & Reinforcement Options
  • Payment Alerts

Reports & Dashboards

  • Trip Related Reports
  • Fleet Maintenance Reports
  • Driver and Vendor Payments
  • Vehicle Efficiency Chart
  • Other Reporting
  • Fleet, Driver, Vendor Related Reports