“IT AUTOMATION”- the next big demand after rising demand for analytics on business trend

As a matter of fact the biggest trend of layoff can be seen now in IT industry after 2008-2010. Some raises questions on stocks not rising in the IT industry games, some raises questions on automation sweeping 65% of entry level jobs in organization be it IT or any other business verticals.

IT Automation is the next big thing in innovation in IT services. Any time of business process being automated not only helps in getting information in real time about the operations going on but also smooth execution with back up of the data.

Usual time spent in entering the data on the basis of surveys, business trends after the event of capturing the data gets over is prone to miscalculation & errors. The objective of automation is to wipe out the areas of misjudged conceptions/errors/miscalculations etc.

Businesses are embracing IT automation to innovate & promote efficiency which in turn helps in achieving the operational efficiency.

Steven Perkins, global leader for technology at Grant Thornton, said:

“In this digital age, businesses are looking to technology at an ever increasing pace. Post-financial crisis, firms continue to strive for greater efficiency and better productivity. But fifty years on from PCs going into mass production, costs of capital are low while labor costs increase. As businesses consider whether to invest in staff or machines, for many, the latter is becoming the more cost-effective option.”

Saving on infrastructure, labor are some of the benefits that the giants in this business will reap. Having said that, app revolution to capture data will not only overcome the error prone situation but real time syncing and flowing of the information keep the database updated in all the time. Today’s IT business works on the agenda of easing the life of each and every member in the hierarchy with ways to easy data collection, maintenance & mining. Automating business process helps the employee to always stay in touch with technology and breaking the limit of just accessing the internet, mails & MS office.

Technology is part of our lives in ways we couldn’t have imagined two decades ago, from the rise of big data to the app revolution. That trend will continue and it means the shape and size of workforces of the future will look radically different to those of today. How businesses and governments deal with these changes will be critical to long term economic growth prospects.