Last Mile Delivery

The overall success of any retail service organization is highly dependent on the accuracy and efficiency of its supply chain. Delivery of goods in time is a critical factor in maximizing sales.

End to End Order Management System

End to End Order Management System

With the ability to manage the entire cycle of booking & delivery request of customers.

Tracking of Delivery

Tracking of Delivery

Tracking of delivery guy, delivery van, parcel/goods boxes on map, geo fencing based alerts etc.

Complete Fleet
Management Capabilities

Complete Fleet Management Capabilities

From remotely controlling abilities to getting real time maintenance updates of vehicles for deliveries keeps you ahead of competition.


  • Lack of coordination between field force and backend office resulting in delays
  • Manual processing & assigning of deliveries
  • No visibility & tracking of field force
  • No visibility to end customer
  • Delays due to absence of optimized routes for meeting timely deliveries.
Backend Operations Manager
  • Server side view of mapping the territory to field force
  • Assigning deliveries to dedicated field force
  • Tracking the vans/delivery guys accomplishing the task
  • Real time visibility & dashboard for monitoring performance
Field Workforce
  • App based work allocation
  • Optimized routes to customers
  • Abilit to update information about the delivery from teh field itself
  • Marking proof of deliveries & closing the work

Order Management System

Orders made by customer can be pulled to our system through OMS.


Map view with delivery points. Step by step navigation to customer address.

Route Optimization

Based on region/slots for delivery PROTEAN can prioritized the best possible route for delivery.

Loading Module

For keeping a track of items to be delivered and items to be picked as return in loading module.

Information required or to be captured

Each delivery person has a mobile application installed where the job lists for the day & requisite information to perform the job are received.

Info to be captured Electronic Proof of Delivery, Image, Digital Signature, customer rating and digital payments.

Vehicle Assignation

Auto or manual assignation through digital forms can be done assignation of delivery vehicle on mobile devices of van delivery mans.

It can done on the basis of availability/capacity/area etc.