Retailer Expansion App

A retailer expansion model through a PROTEAN platform based mobile application hosted on retailer devices to collect parcel on your company behalf and become a dedicated point of collection of couriers. A holistic solution to compensate for infrastructure & employee requirement.

Hassle Free Network

Hassle Free Network

Now your customer can enjoy your company service at near by locations with the help of retailer channel partner network.

Auto Scheduling

Auto Scheduling

Auto scheduling to take care of immediate action taking scenarios in providing services.

Services at its par

Services at its par

Enjoy all the reasons to be competitive in a service industry.


  • Only few courier collecting office lets you miss your customer.
  • Creating more infrastructure is an issue in one territory as well as on cost investment.
  • Have to increase dedicated staff also.
  • Resources are required to step up offices in localities
Backend Server Manager
  • Backend server manager will be the one who will be sitting at the courier agency
  • He will be able to assign leads to BDM for conducting meeting with retailers to become channel partner
  • He will be able to manage the entire territory on teh server screen
  • Dashboard view to see all the active leads and chanel partner areas.
  • He will be able to process boxes requirements of chanel partner.
Business Development Manager
  • A BDM will get notifications of leads
  • Optimized routes to leads location
  • Will get access to update the status and to query the server manager to create the ogin credentials for successful partenr creation at the end of the day
  • Propsals from field till processing box requirement for retailer to keep on behalf of courier agency all can be done from one stop application on field itself

Lead Management

  • This application is provided to the BDM for managing a retailer as a lead on behalf of a courier company

Retailers App

  • This application is for retailer to book the courier to be parceled on behalf of customers as well as for ordering more cartains.

Payment wallet Integration

  • Payment wallet integration to provide hassle free transaction to the retailers

Real time integration

  • Real time integration with the backend system of the courier company in order to sync the data


  • Dashboard to see the territories and their proceedings.